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"Dan & Nikki worked closely with us and made sure that our website accurately reflected us and our company. We would highly recommend Triple I services to anyone."

Lisa Startin | Boxed Memories

"Dan & Nikki designed the website just perfectly. We’ve had many compliments on how it looks and how easy it is to work with. Dan & Nikki help us with any questions we have, and continue to keep our website updated for us."

Jerry & Audrey Gelderman | Gelderman Farms

"Nikki & Dan took all the time required to make sure I ended up with a product of integrity & reflected my vision. I would recommend their services to anyone!"

Leah Holmes | Your Designer

"The combination of Dan’s programming skills and Nikki’s artistic skills make a perfect combination for success. Since the launch of our websites we have had many positive comments from clients all over the US and Canada.  Congratulations and many thanks."

Dave Quiring | Columbia Cabinets

Heartbleed OpenSSL Update

Posted on April 9th

Recently you may have heard about the vulnerability discovered in the OpenSSL library dubbed Heartbleed. This vulernability impacted servers and services using versions 1.0.1 - 1.0.1.f potentially allowing an attacker to intercept encrypted traffic. The impacted code had been in the wild for approxmiately 2 years. There is significantly more information available at if you are interested in more of the technical details and implications. The more challenging aspect to this particular vulnerability is that patching the bug does not completely mitigate the possibility of data exposure. If a site had been attacked in the past and the same SSL certificate continued to be used after the fix was put in place, the attacker could potentially continue to intercept data transmitted over SSL. As such, updating the server is not enough to mitigate the potential issue but an SSL certificate would need to be replaced with a different public/private key pair.

We take issues like this very seriously at Triple I. To mitigate the potential impact from this widespread bug we have

  • kept our servers patched with the latest versions of libraries available for their operating systems. The patch for OpenSSL was applied the day it was released.
  • clients utilizing SSL certificates that may have been compromised have been notified and their SSL certificates re-issued. This means that in the chance that one of the certificates had been compromised, the attacker would be unable to continue to decrypt information being transmitted with the old SSL certificate.

We have no indication that any of our clients were targeted or that any data was compromised during this period of time. This has been a wide-spread issue so it is always a good time to reminde everyone to update their passwords on a regular basis.

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Server Upgrades & Migration

Posted on May 30th

The server administrator (aka Dan) has been in his element recently with upgrades to our US server and a full migration of our Canadian server. This is typically an exciting time for Dan as he gets to "geek-out", improving server performance and upgrading to the latest Ubuntu LTS (Long Terms Support) while I'm in the background completly useless becoming a nagging nelly fretting over back-ups and potential downtime. The transition is done and all is well so I'll pass it over to Dan to give you the juicy details!

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homepage.jpgIt was a pleasure to work with another amazing organization working in the field of early and middle childhood development. Richmond Children First's new website is a great resource for parents, professionals and community organizations alike seeking to find information on the latest research, events and resources on childhood development.

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Latest Website Launches

Posted on December 4th

The elves at Triple I have been typing away at high velocity to launch 3 new websites over the past weekend for December 1st. We absolutely love what we do and it's because of the amazingly talented & warm-hearted clients who we work with.

Check out the following three websites on any device as they're mobile friendly... we've been saying that a lot lately - I think there's possibly a trend here *wink.

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Abbotsford Chamber Golf Tournament 2012

Posted on September 11th

CCFCLarge.jpgWe had another beautiful and warm day for the 2012 Abbotsford Chamber Golf Tournament. This was our second year sponsoring a hole at the tournament and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting the teams. Our fellow members at the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce certainly are a talented bunch -- with cold water and timbits (which had an "oven-baked" taste from the sun) they put their tech savvyness to the test with our version of "Cash Kart"! Find out how much the extrememly talented golfers made for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of Canada!

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